Pati verd

Plaça Miquel Santaló s/n
17002 Girona
T: +34 972 21 12 12

First course
Main course

Allow me to share with you a wonderful secret rarely known among Girona’s visitors: ‘El Pati Verd’ restaurant, located in the intimate Carlemany four-star Hotel in Girona.

Upon entering the hotel’s reception, to your left, you’ll find the a cozy and bright gourmet restaurant, surrounded by a lush green paradise which gives the restaurant its name (‘The green garden’).

First impressions are usually those of an intimate setting with a formal yet modern atmosphere. This is confirmed by the menu which offers a variety of both simple and elaborate dishes, all of which are served in an outstanding presentation. Xavi Arrey, the restaurant’s chef, did an excellent job designing risky mixtures of flavors for every dish, based on traditional Catalan food and combined with the colors, smells and flavors of Morocco, Lebanon, Greece and Italy; transforming them into modern dishes with picture worthy presentations.

My own eating experience at the Pati Verd started with an Italian type cheese served with Loretta anchovies, kalamata olives, roasted tomatoes and a touch of fresh herbs bought in the local market; a simple yet highly refined appetizer.

As first course I opted for fresh grilled tuna served with tempura vegetables and seasoned with peppercorns, salt crystals and drops of juicy South-American green lime. A mixture of interesting flavors that’s very appropriate as an opening dish before a substantial main course.

The culinary experience peeked when, for my main course, I was surprised to be served a traditional Moroccan tajine dish accompanied by chicken, couscous and vegetables, and a pot of tea with nana with a scent that reminded me of Moroccan cuisine. The taste was sublime and the quantity was generous, while the heavenly aromas certified the freshness and quality of its ingredients. It certainly is a dish to be shared by two or more.

Finally, although my body was begging for a break, in came the pineapple tart with violet flowers and natural vanilla, accompanied separately by two different flavored sorbets. Truly hard to resist, the dessert was a finishing touch for a meal which I can confirm, was a very special.

At the end of the meal I was invited to enter the most sacred place in any restaurant, the kitchen, to acknowledge the chef for the culinary journey I had just made from my dinner table. Xavi Arrey is an absolute professional has worked in the finest kitchens of Europe; makes regular culinary trips around the world, and, best of all: shares with his guests the best of his years of culinary experiences in Italy, Morocco and France, through his dishes.

El Pati Verd, is not just about eating, it’s about traveling; and whichever way you choose to go, it will always be first class. Approximate Price 45 € per person.

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