C/Cort Reial 2
17004 Girona
T: 34 872 080 430

First course
Mai course

A few meters away from the Museum of Jewish History of Girona, you’ll find ‘Draps’, a charming and modern restaurant with a dining philosophy: dishes to share. Ever since the restaurant’s opening over eight years ago, its concept has been a total success. The generous proportions (fit for two) are made with the superb quality of local ingredients and extensive culinary experimentation. The result is a menu with a fair balance between quality and affordability.

The uniqueness of Draps, beyond its vegetarian kosher menu and its “Sefarad” specials which have earned praises by RASGO (a distinct cultural brand of the Jewry network of Spain); lays primarily in their interest in Jewish culture and tradition.

My journey through Draps’ Sefarad special began with a snack of fresh hummus and toasted bread – both homemade, followed by a salad of greens, sprouts and seasonal fruits, drizzled with a sauce of fresh citrus and balsamic vinegar and accompanied by exquisite freshly baked Burekas stuffed with vegetables; a delicious sweet-sour combination presented in an abundant amount to be shared by two. The dish was a perfect starter following a morning of tours and routes around the Call.

Eager to share his original dishes, the restaurant’s owner took the initiative to share with us one of his star salads: fresh vegetables, sprouts and olives, complemented with savory feta cheese and served in a crunchy biscuit bowl; a pleasant surprise that never goes unnoticed. I decided to wait a moment before moving on to the main course, as I needed to properly test one of the jewels of the Spanish industry: its wine. Draps is the only restaurant in the Jewish quarter in which we found kosher wine, and not just any wine; one of the best kosher wines in the world for 2013 – the Peraj Ha’abib of the Capçanes winery, of Montsant appellation. These details show the dedication that goes into creating a specialized Jewish gourmet environment for its visitors.

After the brief pause, I continued with two of the menu’s main dishes. The first was a turkey shish-kebab served with spiced rice, while the latter consisted of succulent fresh cod loins, grilled and then baked, served with asparagus and cucumber side salads.

A final and memorable end came with dessert, which complied with the quality and ease of preparation of the prior courses. I opted to try a heavenly apple strudel paired with a variety of fresh fruits for a sweet and healthy ending.

My impression of Draps was that of a socially engaging restaurant offering healthy dishes prepared with quality, fresh and mostly raw materials. Second best to this is its affordable pricelist. My menu, including the appetizer, first and second course, dessert and glass of champagne or wine, would cost someone between 25-30 euros; a very good price considering that the portions are made to share! Draps presents professional service within a friendly atmosphere, located in one of Girona’s most famous districts.

Draps opened in 2005 and since then has built a solid reputation both among locals as well as visitors. Even for those searching solely for a relaxing environment to have a glass of wine, Draps’ suiting ambiance of white table cloths and fresh white flower decoration is more than enough of a reason to stop by on your visit around Girona’s Call.

The restaurant is open seven days a week from 13:30 to 16:00 and from 20:30 to 23:00. Prior booking is possible and advisable as it is one of the busiest restaurants in Girona.